Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Are you ready?


Are you ready for spring? Because we are! Our waiting lists are now open. We have organized them a bit differently this year, and a deposit is required to get a spot on the official waitlist. Too much time was being used contacting people on waitlists who had forgotten or changed their minds, so we are hoping the deposit will change that! We also have a new offering this year - custom hatches. For a small fee that covers incubation, vaccination, and early brooding, we will hatch out groups of chicks, ready for their new homes! Hopefully this prepaid option will allow those who missed the hatching egg waiting list to still obtain babies this year.

And speaking of hatching eggs, the waiting lists are open for those, and for chicks and pairs. We will ship hatching eggs, but birds must be picked up in Raleigh, NC. Limited numbers of spaces are available for hatching eggs, chicks, custom hatches, and pairs, so get those orders in quickly!

So here are some links for you - please make sure you read and understand the wait-list process. As usual, please feel free to ask clarifying questions.

2023 Hatching Plans

Waiting List and Prices

Hatching Egg Policy

Hatching Shipped Eggs

Green Grables Website

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