our farm.

Welcome to our little slice of heaven, also known as Green Grables! We have many many chickens, three dogs, two indoor cats, two outdoor cats, honeybees, and several outdoor fish. We are presently working hard on several poultry projects - feel free to check them out!

We have a lot of chickens. Yep. I actually do not know the exact number, because we are often hatching out new babies. We do try to maintain a pet/ egg laying flock of around 25 bantams and large fowl. We also have small flocks of breeding chickens. We love them all, and in return they provide eggs by the basketful and entertainment galore.

We have a (mostly) closed flock! This means (for those who do not dream in chicken), that we try not to take in any more chickens when at all possible. Instead we breed our own. Why you may ask? In a word, bio-security. Every time you take a new chicken onto your property, you risk illness and parasites. If we really must get new blood, we get them from trusted sources and quarantine for 30-60 days on the other side of the farm, an acre away from our other chickens. Any eggs that come from outside sources are soaked in antibacterials before going into the incubator. After hatch, babies are quarantined for 30 days.

How do our girls live? Like tiny feathered princesses. They have large coops, large runs, supervised free range when we have time. They get fermented food, dry food (with diatomaceous earth, vitamins, probiotics, and kelp added), vitamins in water and probiotics in water once a week, whatever they discover in the yard, plus a cabbage a day and various chicken friendly scraps. If you are ever in Raleigh, NC, come on by!


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