the ameraucana bantams.

Our wonderful bantam Ameraucana, a breed that tends to be intelligent, great foragers, and lays blue eggs! We are working with self blues, also called lavenders. They are amazingly friendly, ignoring treats for a chance to sit on my shoulder and visit! Curious and sweet, these birds will do almost anything to hang out with people. Quickly becoming favorites around here, we are enjoying life with these darlings! 
We have been working hard to increase genetic diversity in our little flock. We used a lavender cuckoo d'Anvers boy in 2022 to introduce the cuckoo gene along with another line of genetic diversity,  so we will have lavender cuckoo Ameraucana bantams, in addition to our lavender (self blues).

In November 2021 a dedicated group of breeders reached the culmination of years of work at the Ohio National Poultry Show and qualified for ABA acceptance. The color variety was officially accepted at the December 2021 ABA meeting. Now we  are working towards APA acceptance. In November 2022 we finished our second pre-qualifying show for APA acceptance and submitted paperwork. The first qualifying show will be November 2023 at the Ohio National. 💙

2021 ABA Acceptance and first Pre-qualifying show in Columbus, Ohio for the APA!

Second APA Pre-qualifying show in Winston Salem, NC in November 2022!

My little Henny Penny who won first place at the Winston Salem show for the self blue bantam Ameraucana variety

My darling Lavender

Jack's son, Fabio

Sweet Jack on the way back from the 2021 Ohio National

The two lavender cuckoo d'Anvers boys - they will be used for diversifying genetics and increasing beard size!

Past photos:

Here are some of our lovely 2020 growouts!

 Sweet Patches loves to sit on my knee in cold weather.

George won second in the self blue variety at the Ohio National Show!

Jack and some of the girls

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