All of our birds are raised on fermented food, fresh veggies, supervised free range, and dry food with probiotics, kelp, vitamins, and diatomaceous earth. Chicks are vaccinated for Marek's. Our clean, healthy, closed farm is in Raleigh, North Carolina.

*** NPIP Certified, AI Clean ***


Available birds are limited this year. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram sites where birds are advertised when we have them.  Check out our pages for Hatching Plans and for the Waiting List and Prices.

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Hatching eggs: 
2023 egg waitlists are full.
Waitlists may open more slots of the girls get laying early. Occasional eggs will be listed for sale on our Facebook and Instagram social media pages as the season progresses.

Check out our 2023 hatching plans!

 Shipping is always a risk, so please read our page on our hatching egg policy and our page on how to hatch shipped eggs. 

Travel over to our Waiting List and Pricing Page to find out more details!

Some photos of my d'Uccle adults in the past!

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