All of our birds are raised on fermented food, fresh veggies, supervised free range, and dry food with probiotics, kelp, vitamins, and diatomaceous earth. Chicks are vaccinated for Marek's. Our clean, healthy, closed farm is in Raleigh, North Carolina.

*** NPIP Certified, AI Clean ***


I try to keep things updated, so check this page, Instagram (@greengrables), or Facebook for updates!

NOTE: Straight run Belgian d'Uccles are almost at an end. I will be growing up most of what I have now, although I have just a few left. If you are looking for a straight run Belgian Belgian d'Uccles, please contact me ASAP. After the next week or so I won't have any until possibly June, and only for a short while then. Then I am concentrating on growing up birds. If you are looking for a boy Belgian d'Uccle or a boy with girls, please contact me ASAP. Those who want a boy receive first priority as I begin to determine who are boys and who are girls. Then I have a list of those who want just girls. That list is probably almost at capacity, but feel free to message me with what you are looking for, and as I go through the lists, I can let you know what I have as babies grow.

You can visit the breed pages on our website to see parents

All straight run chicks are $15 each.
Local pickup in Raleigh, NC only.

Two satin silkies, two sizzle silkies

$15 each

 Hand raised, Mareks vaccinated 

Update on eggs: 

D'Uccle eggs are claimed through sometime in June right now. Waitlist for d'Uccle eggs is closed until I catch up. Ameraucana bantams haven't started laying well yet... probably sometime in March.  Silkies are always broody, so those eggs are rarely available. Eggs are shipped Monday or Thursday, and I can only guarantee that you will get unbroken eggs from healthy birds with good hatch rates. Shipping is always a risk, so please read our page on our hatching egg policy and our page on how to hatch shipped eggs. 

$75/dozen plus extras 
$25 shipping/handling
Email mimosagrace@gmail.com or message me on Facebook or Instagram. 
No wait list for birds. 

Silkie season is beginning! See updates above

Unsexed chicks $15 each

(I rarely have girls available)
Girls $75 each

Lavender (Self Blue) Bantam Ameraucana (blue egg layers):

Unsexed chicks:
$15 each
Sexed cockerels:
Sexed pullets:
Breeding pair/trio

Belgian d'Uccles:
Chicks and eggs available in the spring. Limited young adults in the fall.
Mille fleur, golden neck, blue mille fleur.
Smooth and frizzle.

Unsexed chicks:
$15 each
Sexed cockerels:
Sexed pullets:
Breeding pair/trio

Some photos of my d'Uccle adults!

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  1. HI,I;m looking for a porcelian hen and golden neck rooster,the pair of Milliers you have are very temping.would like shipping as I;m in Southern Maine.so if I have to buy an extra couple of birds so they stay warm that;s ok too.Thanks So much.look forward to hearing back.Sandy Wooster.my cell # 207 251 8280