All of our birds are raised on fermented food, fresh veggies, supervised free range, and dry food with probiotics & vitamins. Chicks are vaccinated for Marek's. Our clean, healthy, hobby farm is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

*** NPIP Certified, AI Clean ***

Available birds are limited, since this is a hobby for me. I hatch babies for my projects and needs, so chicks and birds are only offered for sale when I pick out what I want or need. Juvenile and adult birds are sold when I decide not to use them as breeders, so only a very limited number are available each year.

Chicks and eggs are something that will mostly be available in spring and early summer, depending on what I am hatching. Older birds are harder to come by, but would be available summer/fall as I pick my breeders.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram sites where birds and eggs are advertised when we have them. We do not ship chicks or birds, but we will ship hatching eggs. We are no longer offering a waiting list.

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A hatchery will stock birds year round, often many breeds and varieties. As long as you are getting pets, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a hatchery bird. Some hatcheries do masquerade as home breeders, claiming to breed for health, SOP, and personality. If they are a high output facility, they are not breeding for any of these, despite their claims. I wish I could tell you how to recognize these, but any of us can say anything online. Lower price does not always indicate hatchery quality.
 I know of one hatchery that specializes in d'Uccles, and offers then at a premium price, but they are still a hatchery. If you do not wish to purchase from a hatchery, avoid breeders who have more than six or so varieties/breeds. Look for those who specialize, especially in 1-3 breeds. Look at photos of their flocks. Look for people that you personally know who have met them. Look for people with small flocks who have long waiting lists. Don't want to wait? Purchase from a hatchery. It's not a disgrace to do so, and great breeders rarely have difficulty selling any extras, so no need to feel guilty. If you want top of the line, you will have to wait. Get in touch with breeders and be prepared to wait for next season. 

 Shipping is always a risk, so please read our page on our hatching egg policy and our page on how to hatch shipped eggs. 

Some photos of my d'Uccle adults in the past!

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