All of our birds are raised on fermented food, fresh veggies, supervised free range, and dry food with probiotics, kelp, vitamins, and diatomaceous earth. Chicks are vaccinated for Marek's. Our clean, healthy, closed farm is in North Raleigh, North Carolina.

*** NPIP Certified, AI Clean ***


And it begins.... the great baby and breeder sale. As I finish up breeding I begin to sell breeders from certain flocks. And I'm finishing up. Then as pullets mature, I begin to weed out my breeders over time. So, if you are looking, you are going to want to bookmark this page. I will also update my blog as I have availability, so you can subscribe to that to get updates.

My d'Uccle pen is done for the year. I sold my four frizzle hens. Space is limited, so I have some hard decisions to make.
Also, the breeders have been in the breeding pen all summer. They are healthy young layers, but they snuggle and groom and pick feathers with the rooster. So most of my breeding hens are bald or partly bald. All will grow back feathers as they molt, but they are not looking their best right now. Several have been broody and all will need a nice place where they can recover from being bred.

All Marek's vaccinated and hand raised.

Available now:

* Cockerels and Roosters *

Smooth mille fleur d'Uccle rooster,
Proven breeder, show quality
Hatched by Rod Vaughn
Hatched 2/2019
I have not listed one, but I would be willing to sell a show quality smooth mille fleur hen with Diggory. You can visit my d'Uccle page to see photos of the hens. A pair would be $65. PENDING PICKUP

He is molting, but has splendid long foot feathers.

Young d'Uccle Cockerels, BLUE mille fleur
An unusual offering!
Hand raised and friendly
Father hatched by Rod Vaughn
Hatched spring 2020
3.5 months 
$25, could find a mille fleur girl to go with him (a pair is $60)

Young d'Uccle Cockerels, mille fleur
Hand raised and friendly
Father and mother hatched by Rod Vaughn
Hatched spring 2020
3.5 months, 2-3 available
$25, could find a mille fleur girl to go with a cockerel (a pair is $60)

Just a photo of all the boys. 2-3 are available (1 pending pickup)

* Pullets *

Young d'Uccle pullets, mille fleur
*must go with a cockerel
Hand raised and friendly
Parents hatched by Rod Vaughn
Hatched spring 2020
$35, just have a couple available with cockerels ($60/pair)

These are not all available, just a photo of my pullets. Only mille fleur available with a cockerel.

I will have a very few more girls available as I weed out my breeders for next year as time goes by. And I may have some Ameraucana pairs/pullets in late November.

That's all folks!

***Hatching eggs are finished for the season. Eggs available again in early spring 2021. 
$75/dozen plus extras 
$25 shipping
email mimosagrace@gmail.com

I am not shipping birds right now.
Limited chicks available.

Silkie season is over until spring.

Unsexed chicks $15 each

Unsexed chicks $10 each

Unsexed chicks $15 each

Lavender (Self Blue) Bantam Ameraucana (blue egg layers):
UPDATE: Roosters will be separated as we get ready for the show season.
No birds available until after the November 2020 shows.

Unsexed chicks:
$15 each
Sexed cockerels:
Sexed pullets:
(price ranges are for pet quality up to breeding/show quality)

Belgian d'Uccles:
 Prices depend on the pen, age, potential breeder/show quality, and feather type.

Frizzle/smooth d'Uccle pen:
(Mille Fleur & Golden Neck)
Unsexed chicks
$15 each

$15 - $40 smooth & frizzle

$30 - $45 smooth & frizzle
(price ranges are for pet quality up to breeding/show quality)

Breeding/Show Potential Quality Pen
(Smooth Mille Fleur pen OR smooth Mille Fleur/Golden Neck pen)
The quality cannot be guaranteed, but these are chicks that are showing great potential. Often you will not know true potential until 12-24 months, so all I can do is make the best prediction possible, using the best parents possible. These are often not available until summer/fall.
Pair: $75
Cockerel: $35
Pullet: $45

Note: The golden neck color is simply the mille fleur color with a dominant white gene added in. Chicks with no dominant white gene will be mille fleur. Chicks with one or two copies of the dominant white gene will be golden neck. Keeping MF with GN keeps the GN color from washing out over the generations.

What if I buy a girl and end up with a rooster?
You are welcome to keep them or find homes for them. If you were sold a chick with a girl guarantee, you will receive a full refund for the girl. With a limited girl guarantee, you receive a $5 refund per boy with the option to drop them off here. Unsexed chicks have no girl guarantees.

Some photos of my d'Uccle adults!

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