All of our birds are raised on fermented food, fresh veggies, supervised free range, and dry food with probiotics, kelp, vitamins, and diatomaceous earth. Our clean, healthy, closed farm is in North Raleigh, North Carolina.
We ship eggs but not birds.

NPIP Certified, AI Clean
d'Uccle Hatching Eggs AVAILABLE (frizzle, smooth, golden neck, and mille fleur with a slight chance of white)
Contact me to be placed on the hatching egg list! mimosagrace@gmail.com
$70/dozen plus extras with free shipping 

(my silkies are broody or recovering from being broody, so silkie eggs won't be available until spring!)

d'Uccle Cockerels

I have some of the sweetest boys right now. I've held onto them this long because they are just darling. But there's a limit to the number of roosters I can keep, and I've reached mine! These guys will be wonderful flock protectors - gentle and easy on the hens! $15/smooth, $20/frizzle, deals on more than one.

A darling mille fleur boy, hatched in later July.

Who can resist a darling frizzle? This little boy is an absolute sweetheart of a cockerel. Hatched in July

Pullets sell out very quickly, so contact me asap if interested.

Some photos of my breeding stock!

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