the barbu de watermaal & d'Anvers.

With the lemon project in full force, several smaller projects, and a fall down the stairs, Green Grables is selling the Watermaal projects. Really want to continue after so much time and money have been invested, but it is simply one to many projects. No time for art! So I have a very special group of birds for someone or multiple someones to take on. 

What do I have? Read on to discover a little about the project, along with what exactly we are offering.

Barbu de Watermaal and Barbu d'Anvers! These two lovely breeds are closely related, with glorious beards, wide chests, and proud stances. The Watermaal has a more slender build with a closed tail, while the d'Anvers is quite upright with an open tail. A hundred years ago, the developer of the Watermaal breed began his journey, but did not document the making of the Watermaal. We do know that d'Anvers were involved, and a line of silkies with a trifid rose comb - a rose comb with three spikes on the back.

We were able to obtain two lovely cockerels from a breeder in Tennesse who has worked hard on developing Watermaal here in the states. Tolkien and Lewis have been helping us develop our own line of Watermaal, a charming breed sporting a backswept crest, along with the unique trifid comb.

So now onto the big question. What are you selling?
Note: all groups of birds include a cockerel that is not a full sibling to the pullets. All birds are Marek's vaccinated and hand raised. Babies were selected for personality in addition to color and conformation. This project will soon be producing spectacular birds!

Check out prices and updated photos on our available page!!!

Contact Heidi at if you are interested in this extraordinary offer.
I don't usually ship, but I will to find these lovelies a good home.

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