the barbu de watermaal.

Barbu de Watermaal! This lovely breed is closely related to the d'Anvers, with glorious beards, wide chests, and proud stances. The Watermaal has a more slender build with a closed tail, while the d'Anvers is quite upright with an open tail. A hundred years ago, the developer of the Watermaal breed began his journey, but did not document the making of the Watermaal. We do know that d'Anvers were involved, and a probably a line of silkies with a trifid rose comb - a rose comb with three spikes on the back.

Watermaal Background at Green Grables

*Please note: we can no longer support or recommend the Watermaal Club of America. We can, however, recommend a Facebook group called American Watermaal.

We were able to obtain two lovely white cockerels in 2020 from a breeder in Tennessee. Tolkien and Lewis helped us develop our own line of Watermaal, a charming breed sporting a backswept crest, along with the unique trifid comb. They worked hard to help us produce a flock of black Watermaal in 2021, all of whom carried the mottled gene.

Since then our flocks have included mottled, lavender mottled, lavender, and recessive white birds. We have decided to move in a new direction with color, so we can't wait to see what hatches in the spring! Mille fleur has always been my particular color, so of course I've realized that I need to be moving that direction! So in 2024, we have pens of Watermaal x d'Uccle birds ready to produce! No eggs this year, since I'm working on projects, but here are some of the beautiful parents who will be making our first mille fleur, golden neck, and porcelain Watermaal!

Past generations:

What a priviledge to be part of the very first Watermaal Nationals in Columbus Ohio in 2022

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