the barbu de watermaal & d'Anvers.

 Welcome to our newest additions - Barbu de Watermaal and Barbu d'Anvers! These two lovely breeds are closely related, with glorious beards, wide chests, and proud stances. The Watermaal has a more slender build with a closed tail, while the d'Anvers is quite upright with an open tail. A hundred years ago, the developer of the Watermaal breed began his journey, but did not document the making of the Watermaal. We do know that d'Anvers were involved, and a line of silkies with a trifid rose comb - a rose comb with three spikes on the back.

We were able to obtain two lovely cockerels from a breeder in Tennesse who has worked hard on developing Watermaal here in the states. Tolkien and Lewis are here to help us develop our own line of Watermaal, a charming breed sporting a backswept crest, along with the unique trifid comb.

Tolkien's comb is particularly nice, with the intricate workings of the rose comb, along with three distinct spikes on the back, with the middle spike being more prominent.

And here is Tolkien with our first project! He is keeping company with our mottled d'Anvers ladies. This group of babies will be black, and will carry a copy of the recessive white gene and a copy of the recessive mottled gene. And hopefully we will get some crested babies with trifid combs! Next Tolkien will take a tour with the lavender d'Anver ladies to produce black babies that carry lavender. We intend to eventually have recessive white, black, mottled, lavender, and lavender mottled Watermael.

But where is my mottled d'Anvers boy, you may ask? Well he is taking a vacation from his ladies with the lavender gals. He will produce lovely little black d'anvers that carry both the mottled and the lavender gene - he's going to help make lavender mottled eventually!

That face. He is adorbs.

He really is an exceptional little fellow. D'Anvers boys are known for being a little... feisty. But he's just thrilled to have a flock and doesn't seem to fear or hate anyone. He's just a sweet guy who wants to give treats to his girls. Any girl would be lucky to have him!

These lovely lavender d'Anvers girls seem very happy with their new mottled fella.

And here is my lavender fellow! Look at that fabulous comb!

He's a little more standoffish - much more a typical d'Anvers rooster personality, but what a handsome guy. These photos don't do him justice - he's a little camera shy, so he tends to stretch out his neck when I start taking photos. But he's happy with his ladies - the lovely black d'Anvers. And these three lovely ladies all carry lavender, so half of their babies will be black, and the other half will be lavender!

Always with the fermented food. This sweet sweet girl is so in love with fermented food and cabbage - so far all of her photos include her dinner lol.

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