Sunday, March 29, 2020

Frizzle frizzle everywhere!

A very unusual offering! Typically I offer frizzles only when grown, but I'm making some space. I have eight babies that I think are girls. They are right around 4-5 weeks old. Normally they would not be available for 3-8 more weeks, but I'm going to offer these as a special - limited guaranteed girls. What in the world does that mean? Frizzle Belgian d'Uccle girls are $20 if they are under 8 weeks old. After that the price bumps up to $30-$45 each. So I will offer these at the $20 price.
The world is so odd right now - I don't want to put my special girls into the USPS.

If you end up with a boy, I will refund $5 ($20 frizzle girl price minus $15 frizzle straight run chick price). You can then keep, sell, give away, or bring back the boy. If you bring him back, he must come back by the time he is 8-9 weeks old. One condition - I do not always answer questions about the boy's future. I will try and rehome him. But if I cannot, I can only promise that he will NEVER enter the horrible future of a cock or pit fighting ring. I would much rather have them live short happy lives then have a painful life of torture. I am very very careful who I sell roosters to.

So, if you'd like a chance at a gorgeous girl - and believe me, these girls this year are gorgeous - now is the time. I'm not sure I will be hatching out any more frizzles this year - we will see how the pandemic goes. I have a couple who are younger, but I'm only keeping frizzle boys this year, so this is your chance to get a beautiful vaccinated girl.

I will take some better photos, but I also have four showgirls available, all white. $15 each, ready after April 3 (hatched March 29). All chicks are vaccinated for Mareks.
Better photos to follow, but here they are, fresh from the incubator!