the d'Uccles.

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Our Belgian d'Uccles are some of the most fun, personable chickens at the farm! They are chatty, saucy birds who love to visit in my lap. Presently, we have mille fleur, golden neck, and blue mille fleur d'Uccles. We have a breeding program intended to increase the quality of frizzle d'Uccles, a cute version with feathers that curl backwards. Rare indeed, the few frizzled d'Uccles that we have found have not been bred to the standard of perfection for the d'Uccle breed. So we have embarked on a journey to move the frizzles closer to that standard. This took several years to reach our goal, but we definitely had fun along the way!!! We have also begun a program to develop our own line of blue mille fleur, a project that will take a few years to get them where we want them. Plus we are always increasing the quality of our smooth mille fleur and golden neck lines.

Ready to see the crew? Let's start with the boys....

First, the magnificent Thorin, a darling gentleman, favorite of the ladies. Thorin came directly from the Vaughns. Thorin is gentle enough to be with pullets, as he understands when a gal is not ready yet. He is a fabulous fellow, and cares for chicks and young girls like a father. He also leaves the girls alone when they are molting, so you can see why he's such a popular fellow with the gals. His conformation is incredible, with a tiny perfect size and a beautiful tail. His patterning did not really come in until after his first adult molt, so I'd like to see babies with an earlier maturation of spangling. But overall, he's perfection.

Introducing the amazing Loch Ness Vaughnster! We were blessed to get Loch directly from the Vaughns to add in some characteristics we love, like wide chests and big beards. Lock is a gentle boy, beautiful and the very definition of cobby (wide and low). He has been introduced to the girls, and produced lovely babies in 2022!

Now on to Attila, my darling. He's full of sass, jumping up to dance in my lap. He is so proud to be in with girls, and dances madly when we come in, even throwing a new dance move (whipping his head around in circles), to show how excited he is. He is sassy and full of himself, and yet he's my most friendly guy, always wanting to hop up in my lap and pose. He's my first frizzle who is actually the right size (the frizzle boys tend towards giant). And he's my first boy with actual wingbars (nice spangling on those wing feathers). His wattles are a bit too big, but not bad for a frizzle. He has superb slate coloring in his undercoat. His tail is very nice, although the feather width could be a bit wider. All in all, he's the best frizzle boy that I've ever seen. And even if he produces better boys, chances are good that he will stay here as a pet when he retires. He's just my good boy.

And last but not least, and unexpected addition. Meet Genghis, Atilla's son. I was not going to keep a blue mille fleur boy, but he is just so amazing, both in color, conformation, and personality. So Genghis is going to mature for a year and maybe enter the breeding pens someday! Meanwhile, he lives with my laying flock under the alias "Good Little Bad Little Rooster." Best flock rooster I've ever had. But he is a frizzle boy, and that always mean a little trouble LOL

Now on to the gals!

And here are my sweet MF girls! I'm not going to label each, as I'm the only one who can tell them apart! But I have my eldest hen Twinkie, lovely and sassy. Twinkie had a stellar show season. Then we have the younger crew.  Noel, shaping up into quite the showstopper. Lady, a lovely shy sweetheart. And the 2022 crew, Susie, Little Red, 85, 72, 29, 30, and 33. Yep, those girls are so young most don't even have their names yet. But they will ❤️

And now my darling troublemaking clowns, the GN girls!
 This group is bossy, loud, pushy, friendly, and I adore them immensely.
Gorgeous Set, named after a game where you need a perfect group of three cards, a perfect set. Set is not only lovely, she's a doll of a girl, and loves snuggles!

Babycakes, loud, loud. loud. Demanding. Pecks. Squawks. Constantly disheveled. And I wouldn't give her up for the world.

And introducing the one, the only, Queen Bee, who rules her roost of course!

We also have four new ladies from spring 2022, so new they don't even have names yet!

I have two blue mille fleur girls, Annabelle and Jinglebelle. Gorgeous girls with striking blue grey spangles!

Blue mille fleur on the left, mille fleur on the right, golden neck on the bottom.

And some of our past breeders and chicks:

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  1. Thank you for breeding such lovely Birds!!! I have been looking for a Frizzle Millie's for quite a while and I'm so glad that you have them and they're so gorgeous thank you I will be sending you an email to get eggs������.