Friday, June 28, 2024



Welcome to Green Grables, a hobby farm dedicated to producing friendly, healthy, show worthy bantams. We hatch for our own future breeders, not for production, so getting birds from us can take some time and travel, and often requires persistence, patience, and politeness 😏 Green Grables is not a hatchery. We do not put lights and heat on our birds, so our hatching season is short, beginning as the days lengthen in March and April, and often ending as the heat ramps up in June. Our pens are uncrowded, since we work towards producing the best, not the most.

We only sell birds locally in Raleigh, NC. Eggs occasionally are available for shipping, but typically only in May and June. We will not be at any shows in the foreseeable future.

WE DO NOT SHIP BIRDS. We do not allow transporters other than Karen from Keystone Small Animal Transport.

NPIP Certified AI Clean, Raleigh, NC