hatching egg policy.

Hatching Egg Sales Policies:

  • I cannot guarantee hatch rates. Once those eggs leave my farm, I am not responsible for how they are handled or incubated. Rough handling, extreme temperatures, incubation issues, etc, can affect hatch rates adversely both for shipped eggs and eggs that are picked up locally. If this is a problem, please do not buy Green Grable hatching eggs.
  • I do guarantee that fresh eggs will come from healthy pens with great fertility rates. They will come from pens that I hatch from myself, from super healthy parents who live on fermented food, probiotics, kelp, vitamins,fresh veggies, and lots of love. Our eggs are collected daily, labelled with a pen designation, and stored in a climate controlled room on turners until being packed for shipment.
  • Your eggs will be packaged securely. Eggs are candled to make sure there are no cracks, carefully bubble wrapped, placed into a box filled with fresh pine shavings, sealed, then placed into a larger box filled with more fresh pine shavings - feel free to save those shavings for the brooder or put them in with your chickens. They are packed in my pottery studio with shavings from brand new bags which have never been out to the coops. The NPIP VS9-3 form will be included inside the box. Your phone number, along with the designation "Hold for Pick Up" will be clearly marked on the box if you wish (and we recommend this). We cannot control the USPS, and sometimes they deliver the boxes regardless, but typically they do hold for delivery.
  • I do not ship outside the continental USA.
  • Problems with shipping: If your package is damaged, NOTE IT AT THE USPS IMMEDIATELY. Take photos of all of the damage before you leave. Open the box AT THE POST OFFICE if you see damage. Then contact me WITH THE DOCUMENTATION, and I will file a claim and resend eggs when I have them available. If the eggs are not available in a timely fashion, your money will be refunded. And we will all cross our fingers that the USPS approves the claim. If you wait to get home to document damage, I will work with you, but realize that this may take a lot more time.
  • Payment: We accept Venmo (@Heidi-Grable-1), Cashapp $GreenGrables, and Paypal (mimosagrace@gmail.com friends and family - add 15% to cover the Paypal charge if not paying via friends and family).
  • Cancellations: No cancellations after payment is received. No payment necessary to be on the waitlist. If you have a special request for a particular date, contact me through Facebook Messenger or Instagram. Special requests must be prepaid.
  • ***REMEMBER*** SHIPPING EGGS IS A RISK. Eggs may not develop due to rough handling, extreme weather, incubation error, or some other issue. These issues are out of my hands, so I cannot guarantee that your eggs will hatch. I do not resend eggs that do not hatch, since I only send fresh eggs from pens with proven fertility that have been carefully packed. If this is not a gamble that you are willing to take, you should pursue other options. Perhaps find a local breeder with eggs, travel to pick up eggs, or buy hatched chicks, juveniles, or adults.
  • Contact: if you need to contact me, contact me on Facebook or look for me on Instagram @greengrables! I'm always ready to answer questions, so feel free to reach out.

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