Wednesday, August 21, 2019

End of the summer!

Why get a Belgian d'Uccle?
These tiny birds from the Uccle region of Belgium come chock full of personality. Gorgeous feathering, darling foot feathers, and a puffy beard and muffs complete the look of this amazing chicken. If you are looking for a chicken with a huge personality who loves to visit and chat, look no further! Or are you in the market for a 4H-er? D'Uccles make a wonderful starter chicken for showing! Hearty and healthy, these chicken stars love to show off and hang out with humans. 

Mille fleur, golden neck, and one porcelain 

Smooth d'Uccle pullets (MF and GN)
$25 each, or 2 for $40*
***SALE $20 each or two for $30***
Frizzle d'Uccle pullets (MF and GN)
$35 each or 2 for $60*
***SALE $30 each or two for $50***
d'Uccle Cockerels (MF and GN)
$15 each or $5 with purchase of pullets
Both unvaccinated and Marek's vaccinated straight run chicks available! AND FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR, I WILL BE LETTING SOME FRIZZLES GO IN THE STRAIGHT RUN GROUPS!
$15 each, 2 for $40
SALE: SMOOTH CHICKS $8 each or two for $12
: FRIZZLE CHICKS $12 each or two for $20

Sexed pullets/cockerels are 5-9 weeks old. 
Straight run babies are 1-4 weeks old.
Hatching eggs also available (details on webpage).

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

More frizzles!

Beginning to pick out my breeders, slowly but surely! I have several more frizzle pullets available from our North Raleigh farm (local pickup only)! Two from the older pen (May hatches) and 2-3 in the younger pen (June hatches). Plus one smooth girl in the younger pen! Details on our website:

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Here. We. Go. The first frizzle pullet!

All of our birds are raised on fermented food, fresh veggies, supervised free range, and dry food with probiotics, kelp, vitamins, and diatomaceous earth.

Hatching Eggs Available
I'm taking a hatching break, so we have hatching eggs available. Mille fleur and golden neck, with a good chance of frizzle and a tiny chance of white. $70/dozen with free shipping. Or $50 with local pickup.

***REMEMBER... I give price breaks if you buy more than one bird!!! $5 off per bird when you buy more than one***
Although I am NPIP certified, I prefer local pickup - I do not like to put birds through the USPS.
  • HERE. WE. GO. The first FRIZZLE mille fleur pullet!!! She has a beard that's a bit too dark. Such a lovely girl, and a sweetheart too. Hatched in early June. Marek's vaccinated. She'd make a great duo with the smooth pullet! $35 (or $30 with purchase of more than one bird)

  • Mille fleur d'Uccle pullet $25 ($20 with purchase of more than one bird) She's a gorgeous girl I was keeping for myself, but her beard is coming in too dark. She has gorgeous markings and lovely eyes. Hatched in mid June.

  • Porcelain d'Uccle pullet (unsure of her hatch date, probably about 3 months old, bought for breeding but she doesn't have the qualities I'm looking for) $30 ($25 with purchase of another bird)

  • Porcelain cockerel free with the pullet, $15 alone, presently lives with the porcelain pullet. He has some pin feather patches on his shoulders (something that can occur with porcelain roosters). Very sweet guy. Bought with pullet for breeding, but doesn't have what I'm looking for.

Bantam barred rock pullet, hatched 6/3 $25 or $20 with purchase of another bird. This girl is super sweet, and loves to come visit in my lap. She is best buddies with the gold laced cochin.

Bantam gold laced cochin pullet, hatched 6/3 $25 ($20 with purchase of another bird). This girl is the cutest ever, and best friends with the barred rock bantam. She is a sweetheart, and loves lap time!

Straight run smooth d'Uccle chicks, mille fleur and golden neck $10 each or two for $15, hatched 7/20 and 7/23. These are gorgeous babies, hand-fed each day for extra friendliness!

Straight run mille fleur and golden neck d'Uccles

And here are some of the d'Uccle adults (not available for purchase - just here so you can see what they look like when they grow up!)

Monday, August 5, 2019

Early August newsletter

Green Grable News
NPIP, AI clean biosecure farm in Raleigh, NC

Plus hatching eggs
Click here to go to our sales page to see details

When do frizzles go up for sale? Stay tuned because you will hear it in our newsletter first! 

NOTE: we can ship hatching eggs, but we do not ship chicks. In certain cases, we can ship adult birds, but we prefer to keep our birds out of the postal system. We are willing to hold birds with pre-payment if you are travelling through this area at a specific time!

Whats new around the farm?

We have been getting some much needed rain! Great for the ground, but boy chores are messy with the mud! We have to take precautions with heat and mud - this is the perfect growing conditions for cocci, which can make you chickens sick. What do we do? We put down non-floating cypress mulch in problem areas, add agricultural lime to help keep bacteria at bay, and give the girls as much time as possible on the grass. In breeding pens, we have french drains or raised coops/runs to keep water away, so our breeders stay nice and dry. We also have tarps that can be lowered if the wind picks up. Fans keep air circulating, which keeps airborne bugs at bay and helps the flocks stay cool. Fresh water each day, along with weekly vitamins and probiotics keep their immune systems high. Fresh veggies keep them cool and happy. 

And of course, our girls gobble up their fermented food, which gives them plenty of probiotics, healthy yeast, and vitamins. I was never a fan of fermented food until I had a hen who just didn't thrive. I tried everything, and finally tried fermented food as a last resort after six months of no eggs, ratty feathers, and isolating behaviors. And wonder of wonder, she picked right up - eggs three weeks later, shiny feathers, and got so perky that we had to rehome her because it turned out she was a bully! Years later, she is still happily pecking around in her new home (governed by several wise roosters to keep her bullying in check LOL). Maybe later this month I will do a little post on how we make our fermented food!

Have a great August everyone! We have lots for sale right now, but very limited pullets, so be sure to check our sale page. People on our email list get the information first, then those who get the newsletter off of our webpage. 

Green Grables Farm
NPIP, AI clean biosecure farm in Raleigh, NC
NOTE: we can ship hatching eggs, but we do not ship chicks. In certain cases, we can ship adult birds, but we prefer to keep our birds out of the postal system. We are willing to hold birds with pre-payment if you are travelling through this area at a specific time!

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