Friday, June 28, 2024



Welcome to Green Grables, a hobby farm dedicated to producing friendly, healthy, show worthy bantams. We hatch for our own future breeders, not for production, so getting birds from us can take some time and travel, and often requires persistence, patience, and politeness 😏 Green Grables is not a hatchery. We do not put lights and heat on our birds, so our hatching season is short, beginning as the days lengthen in March and April, and often ending as the heat ramps up in June. Our pens are uncrowded, since we work towards producing the best, not the most.

We only sell birds locally in Raleigh, NC. Eggs occasionally are available for shipping, but typically only in May and June. We will not be at any shows in the foreseeable future.

WE DO NOT SHIP BIRDS. We do not allow transporters other than Karen from Keystone Small Animal Transport.

NPIP Certified AI Clean, Raleigh, NC

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Self blue flocks for sale


If you guys can help share, I will be dispersing my three breeding groups of self blue bantam Ameraucana after my last egg orders are filled, hopefully next week. I've held on as long as possible, but since I'm getting worse and can't attend the Oklahoma show, it's time. I will be keeping a small flock in my pet flock, since I cannot imagine not owning self blues, but I won't be breeding in earnest anymore. I wanted to hold on as long as possible, to get eggs and spread out the new bloodline I created with that d'Anvers line. But the long covid has gotten so much worse since my last bout in the fall. I've put so much effort into these birds since I started in 2019, and I've loved being a part of the self blue group. This has probably been one of the best groups I've ever been a part of. I'm proud to have been a part of the effort, and I'm so proud of the group who will bring their birds to Oklahoma, hopefully the show where we gain full acceptance of this wonderful variety. 

I won't ship, but if anyone is coming through NC, or lives along a route that Keystone small animal transport uses (mostly east coast), I've got a really nice sb rooster Francois, a nice SB boy Ricky - a bit ticky but a superb personality, and a SB cuckoo boy Abby (short for Abominable, like the snowman.) Each has at least one girl they could go with. All three are lovely gentlemen who have never flogged or even looked sideways at me. I'd like them to go somewhere with decent runs - they are used to 4x8x8 foot runs and love to get high on a roost at night.

One self blue boy spoken for. One self blue boy and one self blue cuckoo boy available.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Spring 2024


Welcome to Green Grables!

Chicks are begining to pop out!
Local Pickup in Raleigh, NC only
Chick wait-list is open!
(Showline mille fleur d'Uccles will probably not be available until April or so)

$10 Watermaal x d'Uccle project pens - darling beautifully colored babies. D'uccle and Watermaal parents have been bred for friendliness and health for several years. Can be golden neck, lavender, black, mottled, quail, and several other lovely colors. May have a crest, may have rose or straight combs, most will have feathered legs and all will have beards. Inquisitive, friendly chicks.

$15 lavender/lavender cuckoo bantam Ameraucana (also called self blue). Gals will lay blue eggs. The golden retrievers of my birds, always wanting to hang out (especially the girls).

$18 Belgian d'Uccles. Mostly mille fleur, with frizzles, mille fleur, blue Millie fleur, golden neck also possible. Sweet, sometimes demanding attention, always wonderful little birds.

$20 show line Millie fleur Belgian d'Uccle chicks. These babies won't be available until at least April. Greatest chance for winners in this group, although they are absolutely possible in the other d'Uccle eggs also. Below are the pullets from 2023.

$25-35 Shipping
Availability will be announced on Facebook and Instagram.

$100 for 12+ lavender/lavender cuckoo bantam Ameraucana eggs, hopefully available in the next month.

$120 for 12+ Belgian d'Uccle eggs, mostly mille fleur and possibly a few frizzle mille fleur eggs this season. Maybe a small window of time when golden neck and blue mille fleur are a possibility. Hopefully available in April.

Watermaal eggs will not be available this season, since I am working hard on projects.