2022 Hatching Plans

 Note: these plans are subject to the whims and fancies of the chickens, along with the ever changing plans evolving in Heidi's head. Plans can switch at any time due to broody girls, unhappiness with certain combinations, weather, or any number of reasons. We share these for fun, but do not guarantee that these plans will stay constant.  2022 is the year of projects, not production. Flexibility is the only rule.

Plans are divided by breed and include production time estimate, egg availability, and pen descriptions.

Waiting list for eggs is OPEN. Watermaals, Ameraucana Bantams, Belgian d'Uccles! 

2022 Prices

*These prices are not applicable to show mille fleur d'Uccle pens or any lemon project pens.  Those will only be available in extremely limited amounts.  Prices for those are announced as birds or eggs become available.  Prices below start with pet quality and increase with consideration such as age, color, and quality. 

1 dozen eggs plus any extras the hens give: $85 (shipping $25, $35 west coast)  NOTE: this price does not apply to show mille fleur pens ($135) or lemon project pens.

Unsexed Chicks: $15-20 each

Pullets: $45 and up

Laying hens: $60 and up

Cockerels: $25 and up

Roosters: $40 and up

Watermaal and d'Anvers Pens

(Producing now)

(Eggs: available $85/dozen plus shipping)

Pen 1: Producing now 

Rooster: William the Watermaal (black, carries recessive white and mottled) 

Hens: 4 black watermaals (black, carries recessive white and mottled), 2 mottled d'Anvers.

Chicks: pen will produce black, mottled, and recessive white chicks, both watermaal and d'Anvers.

Silkie Pens

(Beginning to produce now, no eggs this year, very limited chicks)

Pen 1: Chewy is broody

Rooster: Mr. Right (white silkie)

Hen: Chewbawka (white showgirl)

Chicks: produces white showgirls and white silkies. Keeping most chicks. Eggs not available.

Ameraucana Bantams

Eggs and chicks available now!

Pen 1: 

Rooster: Lavender bantam Ameraucana (Dave)

Hens: Lavender Ameraucana bantams (7) Pigeon, Lovey, Peaches, Rose, Lavender, Dove, Penny, Black Ameraucana bantam (1) Disney

Chicks: produces lavender bantam Ameraucana,  occasional black bantam Ameraucana (carries lavender)

Pen 2: 

Rooster: Lavender cuckoo d'Anvers

Hens: Lavender Ameraucana bantams (2) Tempy, Sylvia, Black bantam Ameraucana split to lavender (1) Bosom

Chicks: produces lavender cuckoo Easter egger bantams, a few black cuckoo Easter egger bantams split to lavender


Belgian d'Uccles: Mille Fleur (MF), Golden Neck (GN), Blue Mille Fleur (BMF) 

Waiting list for hatching eggs open!

Pen 1: 

Rooster: Loch (MF)

Hens: MF (1) Cheeto, BMF (1) Annabelle, frizzle GN (1) Queen Bee, frizzle BMF (Iris)

Chicks: MF, fMF, BMF, fBMF, GN, fGN

Pen 2: 

Rooster: Atilla (frizzle MF)

Hens: MF (3) Serenity, Noel, Jingles

Chicks: MF, frizzle MF

Pen 3:

Rooster: Thorin (MF)

Hens: MF (4) Sandy, Lady, Twinkie

Chicks: MF possible show quality

Pen 4:

Rooster: Atilla (frizzle MF)

Hens: GN (3) Set, Babycakes, Smidge

Chicks: GN, fGN, MF, fMF

Lemon Sablepoots

Lemon Mille Fleur (LMF), Blue lemon Mille Fleur (BLMF), Cream Mottled (CM) Sablepoots (booted bantams)
(probably will not be producing reliably until May/June)
(Eggs: after I have hatched enough and assessed the offspring, a few batches of eggs may be released this year)

Pen 1

Rooster: Smooth Operator (LMF)

Hens: LMF (2) Taz & Jewel, BMF (1) Biddy Bite

Chicks: LMF, BLMF, MF, BMF

Pen 2

Rooster: Putty (LMF)

Hens: LMF (2) Klucky, CM (1) Honey, BLMF Sky (one copy of bearded gene)

Chicks: LMF, CM, BLMF

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