Friday, August 18, 2017

Peter Quill, Star-Lord

Today we got a rooster. Not just any rooster - Quill, aka Peter Quill, Star-Lord. I saw his photo on a facebook page. I see all kinds of roosters - no one wants roosters, everyone has extras. I've seen some stunning ones - free to a good home. But this one.... I kept returning to his photo. His owners typically process their roos (eat them), but this one was special. They hoped he might be a she, and noticed that this particular chicken was a sweetheart. By they time they realized she was a he, they had fallen in love. And how do you eat a chicken that you love? Answer.... you don't. You try to rehome him. It struck me that this was something out of the ordinary - a family who processes their roosters trying to help this one guy find a home. He must be extraordinary. We messaged back and forth a bit - I liked their answers and started feeling a bit excited. Then I got sick and totally dropped the ball, hoping he would find a home with someone soon.

Then they reposted that photo, along with a note that they still hoped to find him a home, but couldn't keep him much longer. A few more questions.... then I dragged my sick self out of bed and went off with the girls to go visit this unusual rooster. We prayed before we left - God please give us some sort of sign that we should take him. If not, give us the strength to leave him behind. Well. As soon as I picked him up I knew - he indeed was one of a kind. No struggling, he let me turn him on his back and rub his tummy! In fact, he fell asleep as I held him. Both girls fell in love at once.

And Quill came home.

At first we put him in a rubbermaid cage that we had made. He shrieked and let out a sad crow, so we moved him to a large grow out coop and run. And boy was he thrilled - he lay right down and took a dust bath. For 35 minutes. And I watched him for all 35 minutes.

I actually sat with him for 2 hours. He loves to be held, doesn't struggle when you pet him, and chuckles and clucks to himself nonstop. And when he eats - he eats a bit and calls out to the hens! They can't come in while he's in quarantine, but he calls them never the less. Quill is truly a wonder to behold. The colors - blue greys, brilliant oranges, rich reds - shine on his body. Stunningly beautiful creation.

We are going to love this guy well.
Welcome home Quill.

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