Friday, August 4, 2017

My Martha

June 1, 2015 - August 4, 2017

Fly high baby girl
and wait for me.

Martha was a character right from the first - for a while we even thought she was a rooster. She just looked and acted so differently from the other 24 chicks that had arrived in the mail to start our great chicken adventure. 
 Always looking right back atcha!
 Interactive and unafraid from day one!
 And always so trusting.
 We called these feathers "Martha's fairy wings."
 Such a personality.
 And always always Mama's baby.
Brave Martha was the first to explore the new coop.
And who could resist such a cute bum?
 One of my favorite photos of Martha really shows her intense personality.
 And another bum photo, because she just had a great one.
 One of my favorite things to do, sitting out in the chicken yard with Martha perched on my arm. She would sit on my lap, but also adored just perching. I loved to feel her feet holding on while she got her balance.
 Always cleaning those fluffy toes!
So  many wonderful mornings with my soft tweedle dee on my lap. Martha would follow me everywhere, making distinct high pitched "Tweedle deedle dee?" inquiries about everything I did. 
Always ready for a treat.
Martha followed me during all my chicken chores, checking everything over very carefully! 
 One of her favorite sunbathing spots - the goat stall!
 Hitching a ride on a warm back.
Martha even stayed in my pottery studio for a brief time as she recovered from an impacted crop. 
Always ready for a snuggle, especially on a cold day. 
A (thankfully) brief but memorable period of baldness, when a more aggressive chicken plucked poor Martha's head feathers. 
Ah, the five month saga of bandaging Martha's feet daily due to a case of bumblefoot that just wouldn't heal. Until finally, it did!
 Lap babies.
Martha discovered a new love - free ranging!
Who could resist this face?
 This girl really loved free ranging more than anything. I'm so glad she had so much happiness, and that we got to share in her life.
My all time favorite photobomber. 
I love you Martha.

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