Thursday, January 20, 2022

A Little Break before the Storm


Spring is just around the corner. Hatching has begun, at least in the case of Watermaal, d'Anvers, and silkies. So I'm taking a social media break, reworking my website a little, and taking a mental break before spring speeds up. 

So far things are going well. I've got 3-4 possible mottled Watermaal babies in the brooders, along with a handful of white and black d'Anvers and Watermaal. I'm concentrating on mottled, so keep an eye on the available page for chicks coming up! I've also got a handful of silkies and showgirls happily bumbling around in the brooders. I've switched around goals for my silkies - I'm concentrating on getting some nice showgirls and silkies with a gorgeous white rooster that I got from Red Barn. All of Chewbawka's babies will stay here and grow up, along with a handful of silkies and showgirls from her daughter Parton. So no silkie eggs will be available this year.

The d'Uccles, booted bantams (sablepoots), and Ameraucana have not started laying yet. They tend to start up later in March. Which works out well, since my new breeding runs probably won't be ready until then. I haven't started a hatching egg waiting list yet - moving to new digs can mess up laying, so I won't have a good grasp on what will be available and when until we get closer to finishing those pens up.

I've got a new page on the website with hatching plans for this year. Hopefully it will work, although broody hens sometimes have other ideas! 

Hope everyone is staying warm and happy this winter. Tomorrow is going to be COLD here - a high of 29. Brrrrr. Bundle up and enjoy every day!

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