Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Baby update


NOTE: Straight run Belgian d'Uccles are almost at an end. I will be growing up most of what I have now, although I have just a few left. If you are looking for a straight run Belgian Belgian d'Uccles, please contact me ASAP. After the next week or so I won't have any until possibly June, and only for a short while then. Then I am concentrating on growing up birds. If you are looking for a boy Belgian d'Uccle or a boy with girls, please contact me ASAP. Those who want a boy receive first priority as I begin to determine who are boys and who are girls. Then I have a list of those who want just girls. That list is probably almost at capacity, but feel free to message me with what you are looking for, and as I go through the lists, I can let you know what I have as babies grow.

You can visit the breed pages on our website to see parents

All straight run chicks are $15 each.
Local pickup in Raleigh, NC only.

Six white silkies, one partridge showgirl, two white showgirls.
Feathers can be silkie, frizzled silkie, satin, or sizzle.
Hatched April 15, 2021

$15 each

 Hand raised, Mareks vaccinated 

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  1. Hi! Do you have any Belgian duccles chicks and lavender americauna chicks left?