Monday, January 6, 2020


An unusual winter offering! A laying showgirl, Truffula!
Truffula has found a new home!

Yes, a rare opportunity, especially in winter. But Truffula needs a new home, specifically with a group of laid back silkies. Truffula lives with two groups - her mom and aunt in one group, and three youngsters in another group. Poor Truff has no buddy, and since there is a dominant girl in each of the other two groups, she gets hassled non-stop. Truffula is a sweet shy showgirl, daughter of a darling buff silkie and our intrepid white showgirl, Chewbawka. Hatched on April 13, 2019, Truffula is a beautiful young girl who has been laying eggs since October. A kindergarten class hatched out one of her chicks, and we have six of her eggs developing under Chewy and Crystal right now! She has gone broody once, and broke easily in a wire cage after three days. She likes her rooster and enjoys scratching about all day long. She knows how to go up a ramp, but usually sleeps on the ramp to avoid our two dominant girls. I sneak out every night and put her into the coop so that she stays warm. She is sporting a short haircut at the moment so that she can see the mean girls coming and avoid them. Truffula has been vaccinated for Mareks and lives on fermented food (which she adores), dry food with kelp, vitamins, and probiotics, and fresh cabbage (she's a HUGE fan). She cannot go into a flock with large fowl birds. I would prefer an all silkie flock for her, but would consider bantam flocks if they already had silkies as members. $65, local pickup in Raleigh, NC only.

Truffula before her haircut
Sporting a shorter 'do (and a trim in the rear for fertility purposes)

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