Thursday, September 5, 2019

Goodbye summer!

Welcome back to Green Grables! Summer is winding down, fall is winding up! And hurricane season has begun!

News on the farm.... well, as some of you know, we lost one of our all time favorite girls, Jones, to what was most likely a raccoon this week. We will miss our sweet girl so much. Jones was a wonderful mother, an awesome chicken, and a very comforting lap snuggler. Best girl ever.

As I sit here this evening, Hurricane Dorian is crashing up the coast, three hours away. Thankfully we are just getting some wind and a little rain, nothing like the coast! We (by which I mean my dear husband) did take down some trees that were rotting at the bottom - and were aimed directly at the barn in preparation for the storm. Thanks honey!

Tip of the week:
LOVE this silly thing. I saw it somewhere and of course decided that I NEEDED it - in both large fowl and bantam size! It's a chicken bag! You zip your chicken in, and you can easily carry it with you (to a place to treat it - you really should not take your chicken to the store). I don't use it to carry chickens, but it is the perfect restraint, complete with straps and leg holes! Not, our gorgeous EE girl, unwillingly participated in a photo shoot as I checked out her recently healed foot (it looks like bumblefoot in the photo, but it's a scrape that is finally almost healed up). Not, by the way, got her name because she was always escaping the brooder. But she always knew how to get back. And as "all who wander are not lost," and she was "Not," well the name stuck!
And if you want a nifty bag, here's their website:

Not, the unhappy photo participant 
Not, the now REALLY unhappy photo participant

What's available? We have some great birds available this week! Two lovely five month old large fowl EE pullets, three gorgeous 9/10 week old mille fleur d'Uccle pullets (FRIZZLES and a SMOOTH), several handsome little cockerels, a very limited number of young 6-8 week old pullets, and several straight run chicks, including (drum roll.....) a FRIZZLE PORCELAIN CHICK!

Interested? Check out our website for details!

Have a great week!
(no hatching eggs available at the moment - the girls are all molting or broody!)

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