the silkies and showgirls.

The silkies and showgirls. We are switching over our silkie flocks - Heidi adores her Seuss-like showgirls with their glamorous bare necks, so our new flocks will feature these lovely ladies. We are presently waiting for the broody season to end. Our gorgeous white rooster is definitely ready for the girls to get back to normal.
Our focus: personality and type. We have worked hard to obtain eggs from several high performing show breeders, and then have kept only the cream of the crop for breeding. And a mean rooster will never participate in our breeding program. Only the sweet birds are bred.

 Miss Chew-bawk-a, a lucky girl! In December 2018, a Cooper's hawk swooped down and took off with our special lady! Her mom ran after the hawk with a rake, screaming bloody murder. The hawk dropped Chewy from about 20 feet up, and Chewy hit the ground and lay like the dead. Thankfully she is recovering from two puncture wounds and a bloody nose. We are very very happy to still have our girl!

Everyone's favorite, with the most amazing personality, Crystal! She is also Miss Super Broody, going broody at 5 months and happily raising 12 chicks (until we sold a few to give her a break!) She is constantly waiting for her next brood. So eggs from this girl are few and far between. But I'm sure we will hatch every single one!

 And here we have our noble Roo.
He is a seriously handsome dude, as you can see in his six month photos above. A very mellow fellow.

Pinkles, the sizzle! Pinkles will give us some spectacular white babies, both satin and sizzles.

I really need a new photo of this lovely girl - she is a frizzled white silkie, and sweet as Sugar!

Beautiful Penny, our grey Moorhead showgirl - and alpha hen, even though she is the youngest and smallest! She even bosses her mama, Chewbawka, around the coop!

Truffula, our lovely teddy bear of a showgirl. She is even more striking in person! Our shyest girl, Truffula is an extraordinarily lovely showgirl.

The ever stylish Thestral, our one stripper (no bow tie on her neck). She is just as mellow as her mama, Chewbawka!

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