the silkies, satins, & showgirls.

For information on this year's breeding plans, visit our 2022 Hatching Page.

Heidi adores her Seuss-like showgirls with their glamorous bare necks, so our new flocks will feature these lovely ladies. Eggs are very rarely available from this crew, since someone is always going broody.

Our focus: personality and type. We have worked hard to obtain eggs from several high performing show breeders, and then have kept only the cream of the crop for breeding. And a mean rooster will never participate in our breeding program. Only the sweet birds are bred. We also carefully watch for large crests - the naked neck gene can cause less feathering all over the bird, and we prefer large voluptuous crests, along with well feathered bodies!

Spring 2022 will see some big changes. We were thrilled to get a beautiful white silkie rooster from Red Barn Silkies. Mr. Right is currently living with the great Chewbawka. We are looking to get some more high quality showgirls and silkies from this pair. We are considering a second pen of silkies eventually, with a showgirl rooster over white and partridge split to white silkies. But we will see... 

NOTE - Satins are not officially silkies. Satins are smooth feathered, and officially, silkies must have silkied feathers, lacking barbs. Sizzles are frizzled satins, with smooth feathers curled backwards. They can be bred with silkies, and if the satin is half silkie, then pure silkies can still be produced. But why breed satins? Some breeders will not, actually. But I like the look, and many pet chicken owners love the easy to care for feathers that shed water and dirt. The shape of a silkie without the hard to care for feathers!

 Miss Chew-bawk-a, a lucky girl! In December 2018, a Cooper's hawk swooped down and took off with our special lady! Her mom ran after the hawk with a rake, screaming bloody murder. The hawk dropped Chewy from about 20 feet up, and Chewy hit the ground and lay like the dead. Thankfully she is recovering from two puncture wounds and a bloody nose. We are very very happy to still have our girl!

Here's Mr. Right - we picked him up from his breeder at a show in Knoxville. He's a young man, only six months old, so he still has some filling out to do, but we think he's gorgeous!

Mr. Right and Chewy getting to know each other.

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