rainbow bridge.

Our lovelies who are flying high.

Wyandottes, Columbian: CHRISTIE

Christie, Aggie's lovely twin, loves to stand in the water bowl on a rock. We keep a rock in the bucket in case a chick falls in - then it can climb out. But no one has ever used the rock except Christie! She dislikes heat, so on a hot day she can often be found cooling those tootsies! Christie lays a medium tan egg.

Twin, the Disney princess of chickens. Twin possesses the most soulful pair of huge brown eyes, and knows how to use them! She is a gentle girl, and the best mama we have. She goes broody three to four times a year, so it is extra special to get her large brown eggs in between times! We intend to keep her line going for as long as we have chickens.

Spice - one of the greats. Spice laid our first egg and visits laps daily. She puts up with everything and loves to co-parent babies. Or at least loves to pretend to do so as long as the babies don't get under her! Everyone adores Spice, but we do not hatch out her eggs since she doesn't lay anymore. She laid like a champ for a year, but since then it is rare to get an egg from our adored girl.

Wyandotte, Columbian: AGATHA
Agatha, a lovely bird with a fluffy bum, loves to roam about in her no nonsense manner. She often sticks with her best bud, Christie. Agatha lays a small-medium pale tan egg. Aggie puts up with no nonsense - if our roo is too rough with a hen, Aggie runs over and pushes him away!

We almost did not hatch out Aggie's egg - she lays a small egg and we thought we wouldn't propagate her line.... but we are so glad we hatched this cutie out! Tiny, because of the small egg, but full of personality and one of the strongest fastest chicks we've ever seen!

Easter Egger Bantam
Seashell truly shines with her sleek white feathers and grey accents. Seashell puts up with very little - probably third in the pecking order, and lays lovely blue eggs. Then she shouts out her great pride to the world in a raucous celebration.

Polish, White Crested: CECELIA

What can I say? I adore this girl with her bobble head and purple shine to her black feathers. Despite her partial blindness from the abundance of head feathers, Cecelia is top dog in the bantam pen. She watches over her flock with care, gaily jumping into nest boxes and rudely checking under everyone to make sure all is well. Perhaps she is the leader simply because she has no idea that anyone else is glaring at her.

Martha... oh Martha. Martha is one of our absolute favorites. She loves to sit in our laps, has the sweetest little warbling voice, and hates babies. Jealous type? Yes!!!! She also has a condition that is basically chicken asthma (childen's benedry works wonders), and a pendulous bosom (always muddy), so we would not sell her eggs for hatching. She also lays a very small brown egg! But personality out the wazoo. Seriously. I love this bird.


Our lovely shy Delaware, always ready for a treat or a dirt bath!


Our opinionated sweet Australorp, who loved laying eggs .... anywhere!


Our lovely Phronsie, darling of my youngest daughter, left us after only 8 months.


Our gorgeous cuckoo maran, who laid such beautiful eggs.


Our little barred rock from our very first shipment of chicks, who only made it 3 days.

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