the lemon sablepoots.

For information on this year's breeding plans, visit our 2022 Hatching Page.

What is a sablepoot? It is a bantam breed similar to Belgian booted bantams here in the US. Lemon sablepoots were imported in 2019 (from England), and we were thrilled to get a pair! Sablepoot - a European name for booted bantams, refers to the feathered hocks (boots). Lemon refers to the color, a mille fleur base with a recessive modifier gene (Ig) that changes the buff color to lemon/citron, also called cream mille fleur by some. Sablepoots are actually a Dutch breed, separate from the Belgian booted breeds. They stand a bit taller than the Belgians, with longer necks and tails.

We are working hard to diversify the genetics with our mille fleur, golden neck, and blue mille fleur d'Uccles! We formed three breeding flocks of splits in 2020 and hatched our first lemon babies in 2021! Stay tuned and watch our Instagram and Facebook pages for progress updates! We have a lovely little breeding flock now for spring with 3 lemon sablepoots, a blue mille fleur sablepoot, a cream mottled sablepoot, and two lemon sablepoot boys. I'm not sure yet when we will begin offering eggs and chicks - first we need to see what comes out of our 2022 spring breedings!

Beautiful Honey, an ethereal cream mottled girl (lemon golden neck)

Sweet Klucky

Stunning Klucky strikes the best poses to show off her stellar color.

Darling Taz gets along with everyone and has an insatiable desire to explore.

Beautiful Biddy will add lovely blue spangles to our lemon projects!

Silly Putty is a handsome personable fellow with amazing spangles.

Putty is a sweet lap boy who is always looking for love 💕

Smooth Operator is a lovely light lemon with beautiful little spangles

Smooth Operator is going to give us some spectacular babies this spring!

Grandaddy Peace

Little Hope is peering out from behind Peace. She's an absolute doll of a hen - but we believe she may have a heart defect. She has been retired as an extremely expensive pet.

Here you can get some idea of the size, while Peace is reclining for a foot check!

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