the lemon sablepoots.

I'm looking for a breeder, or breeders for the booted bantams (sablepoots). I've decided to continue the lemon mille fleur color in d'Uccles, but because my original lemon is a booted bantam (sablepoot), I will have booted babies available (lemon mille fleur, blue lemon mille fleur, and some colors that may be split to lemon - golden neck, mille fleur, and blue mille fleur)
*Must already be a breeder - looking for someone who has space and time to add a new color and work on genetic diversity.
*Must be someone who vaccinates their babies for Marek's. Lemon sablepoots were imported from Europe in 2019, and after talking with several breeders who bought some, they appear to be extremely susceptible to Marek's. I've bred mine out to several strains of d'Uccles to increase diversity and health.
*Priority given to breeders who can travel to Raleigh, NC to pick up the babies. I would prefer not to ship them.

Here's my original boy, Peace, a lemon sablepoot (booted bantam).

What is a sablepoot? It is a bantam breed similar to Belgian booted bantams here in the US. Lemon sablepoots were imported in 2019 (from England), and we were thrilled to get a pair! Sablepoot - a European name for booted bantams, refers to the feathered hocks (boots). Lemon refers to the color, a mille fleur base with a recessive modifier gene (Ig) that changes the buff color to lemon/citron, also called cream mille fleur by some. Sablepoots are actually a Dutch breed, separate from the Belgian booted breeds. They stand a bit taller than the Belgians, but otherwise are quite similar.
Note - Our sablepoot hen has a heart defect and does not lay. She has been retired. 

We are working hard to diversify the genetics with our mille fleur, golden neck, and blue mille fleur d'Uccles! We've formed three breeding flocks of splits and have just begun hatching our first lemon babies! So stay tuned and watch our Instagram and Facebook pages for progress updates! We are hoping to have at least one small breeding flock of lemons in the spring - I will be concentrating on lemon Belgian duccles. I'm not sure yet when we will begin offering eggs and chicks - first we need to see what comes out of our 2022 spring breedings!

Presently, I'm hatching eggs from three flocks of booted/d'Uccle mixes, all split to lemon. Here are the genetics of the babies:
1/4 are booted bantams (no beard)
3/4 are bearded
1/4 can be homozygous for the Ig lemon gene
1/2 will carry one copy of the Ig lemon gene but will look golden neck, mille fleur, or blue mille fleur
1/4 will not carry the Ig lemon gene.

I have limited coop space, so I am actively seeking booted bantam breeders who are interested in working with the lemon color. Right now I have several booted babies (lemon mille fleur, blue lemon mille fleur, golden neck, mille fleur, blue mille fleur). As this is a project, I will discuss issues that I'm seeing, genetic diversity, etc if you are interested. You must be a breeder who presently vaccinated babies for Marek's. These babies are not available as pets - the lemon color is extremely rare, and I want to spread it out with other breeders so that the color is not lost if a flock is lost. And the more genetic diversity that can be added, the better.

Here are a few babies from the lemon splits. If you fit the requirements and are interested, please contact me at

Lemon Mille fleur pullet.
Lemon Mille fleur.
Lemon Mille fleur cockerel.
Blue mille fleur and golden neck.
Blue mille fleur and golden neck.
Blue mille fleur, golden neck, lemon mille fleur.
These are two of my bearded babies, a cream mottled and a blue lemon mille fleur.

Prices for booted babies will depend on color, quality, and quantity. I paid a bundle for my pair, just to get that lemon gene. I will not be charging that price for a pair - insanely high. Prices will probably range from $35-$75.

Little Hope is peering out from behind Peace. She's an absolute doll of a hen - but we believe she may have a heart defect. She has been retired as an extremely expensive pet.

Here you can get some idea of the size, while Peace is reclining for a foot check!

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