incubator reviews.

I'm often asked what incubator works best? This really depends on your needs and pricetag. Also, here are two tips:
1. At lockdown, use rubber shelfliner for secure footing as chicks hatch.
2. If you  have difficulty seeing the water level, add food coloring.

Looking for a small incubator? I recommend three. I can also recommend - I've bought from them several times and been very happy with their customer service.

HovaBator Genesis 1588 Advanced Egg Incubator Combo Kit

This little workhorse is great. I've owned two and love them! I prefer the yellow egg turner over the incuturner - the incuturner does not handle bantam eggs well and that's what I hatch! I put a towel underneath in case of spills, and I add food coloring to the water so I can more easily see the water level. 

Brinsea Mini II Advance Egg Incubator Combo Kit
I've owned the minis, and they do work well! This is one that I typically see for less on Amazon.

IncuView™ All-In-One Automatic Egg Incubator Advanced Combo Kit
I have not personally used this one, but several friends have and they LOVE it.

I do NOT recommend Janoel or Magic Fly incubators. Cheap, difficult, low hatch rates, despite good reviews. I have heard good things about an incubator from Tractor Supply, but I've never used that one and not heard from friends who have.

For cabinets, GQF Sportsmen can't be beat. Dickies are nice too, but I prefer to stay away from wood. I own a GQF 1502 which works fabulously. You can hatch out in this model, but I don't, since I keep eggs incubating on a rolling basis and I don't want to wash out hatching fluff and mess.

Bi-Metal Thermostat
The water reserve system can't be beat as an addition. I priced out the elements to see if I could make it more cheaply and found that it's a good deal.

Incubator Warehouse Clear Automatic Humidity & Water Reserve System for GQF Cabinet Incubators (Replaces 3030)

For hatching, I have the GQF cabinet hatcher. It's basically the incubator without turners. It comes with nice hatching trays. Hatching is messy, and using a separate incubator makes clean up easier for me.
1550 with Door Open

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