Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Lemon Sablepoots for Sale


Well, can't believe I'm doing this after all the time, money, and effort I've put into the lemons, but these flocks are up for sale. We've had a few too many human health issues recently, and at the moment, family has to come before birds. So I need to downsize by a breed. Here's the scoop:

Two breeding flocks for sale

Local pickup in Raleigh NC ONLY

I will consider selling pairs, rather than flocks, but I will not sell girls until the boys have gone to good breeding homes. A pair would be $600.


1 Lemon Mille fleur sablepoot rooster (Smooth Operator)

2 Lemon Mille Fleur sablepoot hens (will produce lemon mille fleur chicks)

1 blue mille fleur sablepoot hen (will produce mille fleur and blue mille fleur chicks that carry one copy of lemon)

*All hatched in August/September 2021

*Blue mille hen is laying, lemons will begin laying soon


1 Lemon Mille Fleur sablepoot rooster (Silly Putty)

1 mille fleur sablepoot hen (carries lemon, will produce lemon mille fleur chicks and mille fleur chicks that carry lemon)

1 blue mille fleur sablepoot hen (carries lemon, will produce lemon mille fleur, blue lemon mille fleur, mille fleur that carries lemon, and blue mille fleur that carries lemon chicks)

*Rooster hatched in August 2021

*Hens hatched in July 2022 and are laying

Things you need to know:

*Extremely popular, people are waiting in lists to get babies and eggs

*There are very few of these available in the US. Mine have been outbred to three separate d'Uccle lines, then bred back to produce sablepoots with stronger genetics. All are true sablepoots (booted bantams).

*Lemon hens with two copies of the lemon gene start laying the second season, not the first. These girls are in their prime and should begin laying any day. The hens that only carry one copy of lemon start laying at about five months and are laying now.

*Do not buy these if you are not prepared to vaccinate correctly as they come out of the incubator for Mareks. They are a recently imported European breed and have zero tolerance for US Mareks. I've met several breeders who have lost all their birds. I vaccinate, isolate for three weeks, and have had no issues.

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