Monday, May 2, 2022

What's available?

My pretty boys - no emergency to rehome them, but I'm starting up the search for a new home. Quail are wild birds - they are typically not going to be a sit in your lap type pet. My boys are eye candy, and beautiful to watch. They need to be in an area with a low roof with cushioning, since they will flush when scared or excited. That means they will leap up in the air. The ceilings need to be very high or very low, or they have a great chance of hurting or possibly killing themselves on the ceiling. When they flush, they use their very strong legs and wings to propel themselves straight up in the air, so that is one of the biggest issues for them. They're extremely low maintenance, since they do not eat much, drink much, or poop much! Salad with mealworms and seeds everyday, which they adore. Ideally, they like to live in a quiet area outside. I keep them on my screened in porch. They could go out in the yard but they would need a very secure area with half inch hardware cloth for predator protection. They tend to not do as well on the ground. But again, these are not birds that particularly want to interact with people, and right now they are just decorating my porch lol. Brillig and Gimble are Mearns or Montezuma quail. Local pickup in Raleigh NC.

As for chickens, not much other than chicks available now. I will be posting some soon on Instagram (@greengrables) and my Facebook farm page